In the heart of Mozambique you will find a forestry concession, where wood debris is being turned into recycled, uniquely beautiful pieces of furniture and home accessories, like stools, vases, platters and huge slabs of wood, that can be transformed into beautiful table tops.

Trees with a Conscience brings you this “forest debris” project, supplying the décor market with these quirky pieces of art.

Most of the wood comes from debris off cuts, found at the sawmill, logs that were in fires, poaching or have been felled in a controlled reforestation program.

The forest concession situated in the Zambezi valley, goes through a vigorous annual audit, by a forest council which is a nonprofit organization that monitors the forests of the world, assuring consumers that the source of their wood is sustainable.

What makes our wood TWAK?

We work with an accredited certified forest, concession in Mozambique. The sawmill goes through an annual audit that makes sure the forestry management is sustainable and responsible. This includes managing the forest and the people working in and near the forest.

What do we strive to achieve?

To educate people in the origins of wood. Where does the wood for that piece of furniture come from? The manufacturer should only use timber that has been given a cutting license and is FSC certified.

What is FSC?

Forest stewardship Council (FSC) is a non profit organisation that was established in 1993. Why? To fight global deforestation. FSC is regarded as the “gold standard” of sustainable forestry.

What makes TWAK special?

For every tree this is cut down for commercial sale, 4 trees are planted in its place. Minimum impact is used during felling and the extraction phase. We work in a 25 year rotation block that allows the forest to re-grow naturally. Some of our slabs come from trees that have fallen over and died naturally, or have been cut down by honey poachers. Over 1000 hives have been put up in the forests of Mozambique to combat honey poaching. This encourages locals to harves from these beehives rather than to raid them.

Our own herbarium ... We have a herbarium run by Megs Coates Palgrave (Trees of Southern Africa). A record is kept of tree species for future generations. Dendrologists (tree doctors) often visit the sawmills. They use their findings to further the fight against global deforestation.

What are YOU doing?

When you buy TWAK timber slabs, you are helping save our trees. Together we can encourage correct forest management and protect our future.

Supplied by a Certified Substainable Forest.