Studio Jantzen believes in the vital role that architecture plays in our cities and communities as well as in the lives of those who live in or experience it. We also believe in the importance of creating environments with lasting value through active engagement with site, context, climate and the specific task at hand. It is the careful research and consideration of all design parameters and the integration and synergy of all the forces that influence the development of our designs.

Every design starts with a careful analysis of the site, the program and specific concerns and ideas of our clients. The understanding of the climate will help us to craft energy conserving buildings that also respond to the needs of its inhabitants through all seasons. The meaningful integration of sound, natural light, water management, passive heating and cooling, and natural air ventilation strategies are fundamental principles in our design approach.

We do not pursue our work based on preconceived notions, but rather believe that each design task has its own life we want to explore and reveal to its fullest extent. Our contextual approach is a process that involves a critical examination of the unique parameters and opportunities of each design challenge and an open-minded consideration of the possible paths toward a solution.

We are strong believers in the collaborative process of design by fostering strong relationships not only with our clients and the users but also with our consultants and contractors.