I was born and educated in the UK. I obtained a degree in Fine Art (honors) at Loughborough. I've always loved making things and creating images. In the USA I transitioned to commercial illustration, then advertising and marketing. This eventually led to product design, with the inception of Tool Logic® in 1995 and the subsequent development of over forty, compact, high quality products. When I left Tool Logic in 2010, I started a journey that eventually took me full circle to my art college roots. I've always carried watercolors and miscellaneous art materials with me when I travel. I haven't always used them, but I feel naked without them. The Portable Painter flows from my desire to make the watercolor palette I always wanted. Very compact yet totally functional. In the process I discovered hands-free use! As with Tool Logic, it's a beautiful thing to see a thought become form! Yet now, I'm making it simpler for people to capture the beauty that's around them.