The Olympics Might Be Over, But This Brazilian Penthouse Is a Winner
Designed to accommodate an art collection and the entertaining needs of the residents, Brazilian architecture firm MK27...
Copacabana might just be the most famous beach in the world, and its promenade along the Rio de Janeiro seaside is certainly the most iconic there is. Here, Marx takes a cue from Portuguese pavement design with an undulating black-and-white pattern.
Knoll Risom Lounge Chair
The Risom Lounge Chair was born from a relationship between two of the design world’s most influential characters.
Dream Apt
Would if I could...
The office design was inspired by “blues, jazz and Bossa Nova." Tiled walls help optimize acoustics.
16+ Prefab Homes in the Middle of Nowhere
If prefab is good for one thing, it’s bringing homes to places you never thought they could be built.