SCAPE is an Italian architecture firm with offices in Rome and Paris that has made Internationalisation its main strength. Conceived as an idea in May 2002 by Ludovica Di Falco, Francesco Marinelli and Paolo Mezzalama, the firm –scape s.p.a. was concretely established in 2004. Alessandro Cambi joined as fourth partner in 2005.

The word SCAPE refers to a broad notion of landscape, a point of view ranging from the near prospect as far as the horizon. The basis of SCAPE’s mission is the determination to retrieve the twentieth century Italian tradition of architecture and engineering; to return to a type of project design that respects formal research, maintains a dialogue with history, is aware of technical and constructional aspects and of context. Research that encompasses different scales and involves, as the name indicates, the various meanings of panorama: from landSCAPE to citySCAPE.