Robin Day (1915- )and his wife and longtime collaborator, Lucienne Day (1917-2010), are often referred to as the "British Eameses," a nod both to their longstanding partnership and the hallowed place they occupied in English furniture and textile design throughout the twentieth century. Unlike the Eameses, though, the Days tended to work separately, despite a clear aesthetic affinity. Robin's work after World War II was informed by a scarcity of materials, and he started to hit his stride with a variety of furniture for the manufacturer Hille. Perhaps the turning point of his career came when he was commissioned to design all the furniture for the Royal Festival Hall, which included a cafe, foyer and seating in the auditorium. Robin's 1963 Polypropylene Chair for Hille was a near perfect expression of his goal to make a light, easily-produced, inexpensive brand of modern furniture. He continues to work today, one of his most recent projects being the 2003 Sussex Bench for Magis.