Founded in 2004, Red Flag Design was born of a desire to create products that offered more than just function or style. Seeing how saturated the product market was with disposable goods which sacrificed design and quality for mass production, we decided to start a design company which would counteract those methods. We became inspired by the amount of useful material that was discarded as a by-product of industrial production; our opportunity lay in this waste. The challenge of working with these unique materilas is what drove us creatively. Our goal was to develop these resources into products that challenged consumers and offered a fresh perspective on contemporary design by focusing on quality, process, and innovation.

Our starting point for every design is always the material itself, allowing its physical and historical properties to dictate its transformation into the finished product.

In order to keep our quality consistent, while remaining dynamic enough to operate with ever-changing materials and methods, we pay close attention to every step of the manufacturing process. All of our materials are locally sourced, and we work with a handful of skilled technicians to create all of our products in-house at our studio in Vancouver, Canada.

Textile innovation in the industrial world has created fabrics that surpass our expectations of performance. The desire to be stronger, lighter, faster, etc., drives a continual reinvention of materials. This constant growth leaves a trail of obsolescence; as each new material is introduced, an old one is left behind. Red Flag Design has created the ALTERNATIVE USE MATERIAL (AUM) line to take advantage of the abandoned materials generated through this process of evolution. Through the AUM concept, Red Flag has taken upon itself the exploration of the vast potential laying dormant in the unconsidered applications of recycled materials.