An Interactive Tour of Fire Island Pines, New York

Among the many unique facets of Fire Island Pines is its unmatched trove of mid-century modern architecture, a legacy of its status as a premier summer resort and “safe space” for tastemakers in the 1960s and 70s. AIDS took a terrible toll on the population here, leading to a “dark age” in which much history and culture was lost. Pines Modern is a non-profit endeavor dedicated to the rediscovery of all the Pines has created, particularly its architectural and cultural heritage. We cannot bring back a lost generation, but we can preserve its most salient artifacts and the environment in which it flourished. As it becomes safer for gay people to venture to any number of leisure destinations, our hope is that Fire Island Pines remains a homeland and a rite of passage, a place to find community and a connection to LGBT history. We are united in this with our friends at the Fire Island Pines Arts Project, the Fire Island Pines Historical Preservation Society, the Pines Foundation, and Boffo. So enjoy a free virtual tour and discover a public treasure of private architecture.

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