Had he taken his father’s well-meaning career advice, Phu could now be managing a chain of Vietnamese Pork Roll stores, or over-seeing the production line at a chicken factory. Thankfully, he did not heed his father’s words, and instead turned his hand, and heart, to creating extraordinarily beautiful images from a very young age. Phu was on an inevitable trajectory straight out of school – spending all his spare time and cash on photography. From high school, to studying photomedia at Sydney College of the Arts, to assisting some of the most respected photographers in the industry, Phu has well and truly earned his stripes behind the lens. A technically exact photographer, Phu is master of light, his images always fresh, considered and uncluttered. Phu has an amazing knack for understanding spaces, and effortlessly capturing the energy of each venue/location in every frame. Some of Phu’s most creative work can be seen on The Design Files where he has shot an assortment of food, interiors & people, but always bringing his signature style of “simplicity and light” to every shot.