PHILIPP INNO is an autodidact Architechnopreneur:
Artist | Architect | Inventor | Innovator | Technologist | Philanthropist | Revolutionary | Entrepreneur

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"I am a proud Filipino but part Steve Jobs, part Henry Ford, part Elon Musk, part Buckminster Fuller, part Pablo Picasso... and part Tony Stark!"

A Creative Design and Business Innovations Consultant, Invr. PHILIPP INNO is also a Divine Entrepreneur and a member of the Filipino Inventors Society (FIS), Inc. His patented inventions include the DOST-TAPI National Invention Competition 1st Prize award-winner Modular Impermanent Building System a.k.a. BLOC Technology and the AutoBLOC - "The New Necessity of the 21st Century!"

PHILIPP INNO is a Creative Design and Business Innovations Consultant.