Peter A. Sellar, Architectural Photographer

Great photography is the result of a photographer who is the conduit for breathtaking imagery, whether that image is intended to inform, to educate, to sell or simply to delight the eye. The trick is finding that once-in-a-lifetime image. No matter what the end purpose, great photography is possible only through a combination of creativity, opportunity, imagination, passion, technology and hard work. During my award-winning career, I have consistently exceeded my clients' expectations, and those clients range from major corporations to architectural firms to consumer magazines. My experience and expertise cover everything from fine art to product shots. While I have an artist's eye, I also appreciate the marketing priorities involved in promotional and advertising campaigns. Whether it is digital capture or HD video, I can provide you with the images you never thought could be achieved, at very competitive rates. Please contact me to discuss how we can work together to create great photography.