Maxwell Adams, and Geoff Garnett, the self-proclaimed “hetero life-mates,” were both born at Kaiser Permanente hospitals on August 5th, 1982 about 30 miles, and 2 hours apart. Obviously, it was destined that these two would do something to change the world together…or perhaps just give their social circle something to look at besides Facebook.

What might otherwise have been the coolest band name on Earth, Penguin Grenade was conceived at a lunch meeting at Fenton’s Creamery in Oakland between Max, and Geoff. Max came forth with the name, and a napkin drawing was immediately concocted by Geoff in blue crayon. It was reproduced into our flagship logo you see on our website. The ideas of what PG would become were discussed after the fateful Fenton’s meeting, and have evolved into this little website you are visiting this moment.

What is our Goal? We’re not really sure and we like it that way. We just want a place people can go and check out stuff we think is interesting and awesome, because we know that we are interesting and awesome!