J.B. and I met at Babson where we were classmates in the full-time MBA program. We very quickly learned that we shared the same desire to build a more rewarding life for ourselves and our families. To us this meant starting a company, doing what we love and involving our families in that experience. What seems like only yesterday, in May 2004, J.B. and I met to brainstorm how we could achieve this not-so-simple goal. Being parents we knew the home is one of the primary environments where children play and learn. We saw a need to improve play at home; particularly play furniture. Together we decided that was the perfect fit and P'kolino was born.

While students we refined this concept, often sharing ideas and sketching new products in class (don’t tell our professors). We wanted to create play furniture that was designed for children (not miniature adults) and how they play and grow mentally, physically and socially…all while making the products beautiful (after all adults have to live at home too). We sponsored research with the Rhode Island School of Design (RISD) where faculty member Lothar Windels led a team of students from RISD's Furniture Design Department. The result of this collaboration was the P'kolino Play Table. This product development process was immortalized in a video documentary. Once this class was completed we focused on product refinement, the business planning process and, oh yeah…completing our degrees, which - we did.

To date P'kolino has achieved what it set out to do! We love it, our families are abundantly involved and our products bring joy to other parents and children. What could be better than that?!