Obleeek Object’s concrete planters began in an art studio. Created with specific thoughtful consideration in terms of their symmetry, finish, and visual impact. Crafted as a solution for seamlessly integrating nature and architecture. The idea has been simple from the start; to present nature as a fundamental element within architecture. Using simple forms that have become icons of an international design vocabulary designer Leo Estevez found a pedestal that presents nature as a seamless element within a contemporary landscape. Playing off of the language of the concrete column as a location for which nature can be grown. Allowing our planters to no longer just accent architecture but to reinforce the importance that nature has in its development.

Our philosophy at Obleeek is evolving. As we reach a broader audience and source out our allies we are excited about the future we are planning to create. Our planters have given us a platform to build on. A key element to how we make choices is based on a broader context. We are proud to offer a product that is 100% produced in California. All of our manufacturing is done in-house with designers and fabricators working together to produce the highest levels of quality and efficiency. Obleeek Objects is on the horizon and we look forward to sharing our vision with you through the years as we present our design innovations for the future.