Nicholas Sailer is an award-winning filmmaker and director currently based in Brooklyn, NY. Although his primary focus is filmmaking and storytelling, he doesn’t let the boundaries of any one industry contain his creativity: He has worked as a photographer, a designer, an artist, and a writer.

Sailer has studied Industrial Design at the College of Design in Raleigh, NC, as well as the Screenwriting at the Prague Institute in Prague, Czech Republic.

All of Sailer’s work is focused on creativity, innovation, and storytelling – His work is grounded in strong story structure and breathtaking visuals. His filmography includes ‘The Revolutionary’ (2011), ‘The Strong One’ (2012) (, and ‘IPSEITY’ (2013) ( He plans to direct several features films in the next few years, and is currently developing another feature length script.

Sailer has received several awards for his films, including awards for editing, directing, and picture. In 2012, Sailer won Best Picture and Best Directing at Campus Moviefest, the world’s largest student film festival, where 75,000 student compete.