After receiving a Master of Architecture degree from the University of California, Berkeley, and over twelve years in practice as an architect in San Francisco and Stockholm, Michael Perlmutter shifted direction in the mid-90s, focusing most of his efforts on the photography of architecture, interiors and works of art.

Originally from California, Perlmutter moved to Stockholm in 1989, and eventually built up a broad photography practice that spans across the Nordic countries and beyond. One project worth mentioning: he did all the photography for the book

Den Svenska Kakelugnen (Swedish Tiled Stoves from the Eighteenth Century), which in 2007 was nominated for the prestigious August Prize, Sweden’s equivalent to the National Book Award.

Perlmutter has also written about and given lectures on architectural photography, was on the editorial staff of a Swedish architecture magazine for eight years (

MAMA: Magasin för Modern Arkitektur), and has taught photography workshops to architecture students.

Perlmutter's photography is often commissioned by architects, publishers, product manufacturers, builders, developers, building owners, property managers, design companies, homeowners, artists, and public agencies.

In addition, he am always on the lookout for great new residential projects to photograph on spec, which I then market to architecture/ interior/shelter magazines worldwide. For this Perlmutter acts as producer as well as photographer, putting together a package of photos, commissioned text and architect’s drawings that are ready to publish.