First off, thank you for checking out my page. I feel like one of the things that makes a good thing great is having fun while you’re doing it and enjoying the people you’re doing it with, so taking time to learn about the person you’re considering asking to handle one of the biggest transactions of your life is great. So thank you for taking a moment to learn about me, even if it’s a brief overview!

A little bit about me; among other things, I am passionate about art, food, tattoos, motorcycles, urban gardening, contemporary design, science and the outdoors. I love houseboats, cabins, science fiction, my cats, great dinners and a mean cocktail. I camp, hike, participate in Spartan Races, read constantly and hope to someday travel the world with my family. I have been a craftsman of grand stairs, a web designer, artist, martial artist, chef and fix-it guy.

My work background, while extensive, isn’t very traditional to real estate. I was a cook and chef for 13 years, that taught me how to work fast while maintaining quality, as well as strong leadership, focus, how to stay organized, how to remain calm in pressure situations and most important of all, how to work hard. I spent 4 1/2 years as a high end stair craftsman which developed my sense of fine workmanship, upscale home design, how to work with exacting clients, schedules and making sure specific timelines and large budgets are met. In there somewhere I spent a year or so working in a tattoo studio where I trained to be a piercer and ran their shirt shop doing graphic design and screen printing. I’ve traveled to Africa to help with an NGO in Ethiopia, and was most of the way to a bachelors degree in fine art when I first moved to Seattle.

So how do all these influences combine into your real estate broker?

In short, they’ve created a person from whom you can expect focus, dedication, organization, and still be a calm force in a stressful time of your life. I come to you driven, creative and able to think on my feet. I’m adaptable and have like to have fun while still doing a good job. I’m honest and rigorous, and strive to deliver an experience that exceeds client expectations. I like to think that my curiosity level borders on voracious and I love the challenge of learning something that I don’t know. I’m meticulous to the point of mild neurosis. I’m outgoing yet reserved, demanding but easy going, creative yet pragmatic, flexible and structured.

So why hire me as your broker? It is my opinion that the Coldwell Banker Bain difference is very real and a Bain broker will generally be better than most brokers out there. Why? In a single word, training. Bain offers dozens of classes a year on everything from holding an open house to line by line explanations of contracts and contract law. When you hire me as your broker you get someone who is a technician that understands the complexities of the contracts that I write, an advocate that is better trained to negotiate on your behalf, and a professional who ultimately wants what is best for you, the client. I also have the benefit of being able to tap into literally hundreds of years of real estate experience in my office alone and I have multiple offices that I can use to your benefit. I believe wholeheartedly in CBBain’s motto ‘Put our knowledge on your side’ and have already spent hundreds of hours learning this business inside and out. And, if I don’t know it, I’ll find it. As your broker, I pledge that your satisfaction is my priority and I will do as much as I can to meet your real estate needs, using all the resources CBBain has available to me to deliver an ‘above and beyond’ experience.

Here’s the bottom line; I like great houses and I like great people. If I can help someone buy (or sell) a great house that’s just what they need for a next chapter of life, I’m happy. This business is all about relationships, and trust is a huge part of a good relationship. If this is something you’d like to have with your realtor, please contact me, either by phone, email, text, Facebook message or whatever medium you prefer. Let me know ahead of time if you want to use smoke signals though, those are tough to follow.

Thank you for considering me and I look forward to hearing from you!