The structure of the built environment and the curve of the natural world. The hum of urban life and the melody of rural living. Patterns of form, shape and texture revealed and reveled in.

Loop connects a love of modern design with an appreciation for nature. By creating useful art in a way that respects our planet’s resources, Loop acknowledges the connection between people and the planet. Our natural world provides endless inspiration but has finite resources; we enjoy its diversity and we love giving back. This is our loop, our responsibility, our pleasure.

The true beginning of this tale is at a New England rivers’ edge when a young girl named Elissa found the most remarkable thing - a polliwog nest among the pulpy oak leaves and mossy rocks where water greeted land. She gazed upon this unknown thing - alive, to be sure, she could sense it - and saw inside it a universe. She made a place for this wonder, this image, in her mind. As she grew, it began to inform the way she looked at the world, its surfaces and patterns, its textures and creatures.

Imbued with the sensibilities of the Vermont countryside, Elissa sought adventure after high school, working and travelling through Europe before studying Architecture at the University of Pennsylvania. After college, she joined the studio of a modern architect (wesley wei) and then went to work for bulthaup designing bauhaus-inspired custom kitchens.

Loop was born of Elissa’s desire to unite her working life with her creative life. Seeking balance and flexibility in her day-to-day schedule, starting Loop helped Elissa reconfigure the map of her dreams. Loop is a lens that focuses observation, travel, contemplation, discovery and passion into products that Elissa feels good about sharing - products that lay bare their inspiration from nature while revealing their contribution to caring for it.