LGA Architectural Partners is a skilled team of architects and building scientists, based out of Toronto and Edmonton, who create sustainable, contextually-sensitive and socially-minded architecture.Since 1989, the firm has been designing spaces that reflect the highest ideals and aspirations of its clients, while contributing to the healthy growth and vibrancy of the communities it serves. LGA aspires to make open architecture—one that can catalyze cultural and economic progress through the creation of inviting public spaces that encourage interaction.LGA's research-based process involves engaging many perspectives, each enhancing the breadth and quality of our work. It tells the unique story of a place and its people, through the careful shaping of space, and the resourceful detailing of materials.Design is an essential tool for improving people's lives, and LGA believes that all architecture should be intrinsically sustainable, beautiful, and built to adapt to the needs of future generations.

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A celestial light installation illuminates the garage door of a recently renovated Toronto house.
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