I am John Lioe and I am the founder/industrial designer of LIOE Design. We’re a Seattle based company started in 2013, I have worked with some of the most innovative companies including New Deal Design, Tovolo and Ironclad. Our goal here at LIOE Design is to make everyday products extraordinary and bring to life designs that will push the idea of what the ordinary products could be. We’re not trying to reinvent the wheel we just want to make the wheel more kick a**!

Our mission is to Design Everything! All the products we create are well thought out, we take into consideration the functionality, aesthetic, material, and the "cool factor" of every design. We never put out a product that we don’t love and isn’t high quality. We're a small company with big dreams so thank you for taking the time to visit us and hopefully you enjoy using our product as much as we do designing them!

Art of the Business Card
How to make your business card stand out.
By John