David E. Scott is the principal designer and founder of DESU DESIGN, creator of over thirty unique products since 2005. Inspired by forms in nature, pure geometry, and the history of modern design, Scott strives to blur the boundary between art and design. His extensive knowledge of materials, manufacturing methods and new technologies has made him an asset on contract fabrication projects. Sought after for his ability to blend design sense with manufacturing expertise, he has collaborated on custom projects for leading architects and brands including Calvin Klein, Harvard Law, Lynch Eisinger Design, Pugh + Scarpa, Rogers Marvel Architects, and Steven Holl. Born in Iowa, David E. Scott received his Fine Arts degree from the University of Iowa. In his early 20s, he worked in Japan before returning to the USA to study architecture at the Southern California Institute of Architecture. He started designing home accessories in Los Angeles before founding DESU DESIGN in New York City