Dan Williams is a graduate of the Royal College of Art and has lived and worked in London for the past 17 years. His time is divided between illustration, painting on location and lecturing. For him, all 3 disciplines feed each other, keeping him on his toes and keen to explore new uses for his work.

An Introduction to Restaurant Design
Eating has always been a sociable event, from primitive campfire cooking to reclining on lectuli at lavish Greek and Roman...
Words You Should Know for Restaurants
Listed below are some useful words for the experienced diner.
Food Court Gourmet
No need to brave the teeming throngs only to score a slice at Sbarro: These hopping food malls are as haute as can be.
Cultivating Good Taste
Grown, harvested, prepped, and cooked all in the same place, farm-to-table fare is coming to a city near you.
Tomorrow’s Specials
Slide into that booth or belly up the bar to learn what’s next for restaurant design.
Sound Advice
Successful restaurants offer the holy trinity of good food, good service, and good ambience.