British designer Christopher Jenner’s work is grounded in a deep appreciation of the complexity within nature, which he first experienced as a child in South Africa. As in nature, his work is an assembly of elements and forms rooted in interconnected relationships. Having travelled the world extensively after graduation from the Johannesburg School of Art and the Boston School of Design in Cape Town, he settled in London where he established his studio in 2010. From inception his work captured the mood change in society, provoked by the financial crisis, recognising the shift towards deeper values and a justified creative expression. Working globally he implements a concept of ‘fractal analysis’, a strategic process of discovery whereby a challenge is deconstructed into multiple facets representing the inherent values (heritage, product, personality) of a project. Assembling these elements into magical solutions, Christopher Jenner’s work uniquely evokes reaction. Detailed and textured, the work is kaleidoscopic in effect, similar in nature to pointillism where the eye creates its own picture from a subliminal application of colour and texture. The Studio does not work to a set of ‘good or bad’ design aesthetics, preferring to pursue work of depth and quality with its own set of emotive values. His commitment to artisanal skill is evident in the immense detail of his work. It brings tangible refinement to the finished article and valuable support to highly specialised crafts.