Chad and Lara Hogan founded Chandler Farms in 2014 after almost ten years of collaboration. Though they have very different backgrounds (Chad is an artist, designer and creative having made album covers for rappers such as Biggie Smalls and P Diddy and Lara is a buzz marketing expert having worked her way up in NYC through the PR agency world), their differences make them a strong duo, a bit of yin and yang.

The two first met in 2006 at Glaceau (makers of vitaminwater and smartwater) where Lara was the PR Director and Chad was the Creative Director. In their parallel roles they collaborated to create events (Sundance, NBA All Star, etc.), marketing programs (vitaminwater’s first Facebook promo) and creative campaigns (50 cent’s Formula 50, Steve Nash viral video, etc.) for the brands. Years after Lara left the company, the two continued taking on creative projects as a team. Eventually the two best friends got engaged and that ultimate collaboration brought their relationship to a deeper level when they bought, gutted and co-designed their dream home in Topanga Canyon.

The Chandler Farms team is a creative duo who take on projects that align with their aesthetic and vision and range from residential to commercial to corporate branding. All of their projects allow them to create, design, strategize and build brands, spaces and ideas.