Cathelijne Nuijsink (1977, the Netherlands) is an independent writer, editor and critic of contemporary architecture and design. Trained in design at the Design Academy in Eindhoven, and in architecture at Delft University of Technology, the Netherlands and the University of Tokyo, Japan (MSc.), she specializes in writing on the work of young Japanese designers. Since 2003, she has been intensively interviewing Japanese architects as part of her PhD thesis at the University of Tokyo. She is currently working on her own publication “How to Make a Japanese House” (NAi Publishers, 2011). The book describes the innovative design methods of young Japanese architects in the light of the dwellings they have realized while interviews with master architects situate the designs of this youngest generation of architects within the historical context of the development of Japanese housing. All of these encounters concentrate on the central question: “How do the Japanese approach both modernity and their dwelling requirements?” thereby offering insight into a series of unique design processes.