Assembledge+ is a full service architecture and development firm steeped in the history and continuing innovation of modern design. The members of Assembledge+ share a deep passion for contemporary world architecture and it’s particular execution in the temperate Southern California climate. With extensive experience in the design and execution of residential and commercial projects, Assembledge+ brings high levels of design sensitivity, technical expertise, and hands-on principal involvement to every project, large or small. Assembledge+ was founded on the theory of collaboration: collaboration with clients, collaboration with contractors and tradespeople, collaboration with building officials and public agencies, and collaboration within the design team of architects and engineers. The name Assembledge was deliberately chosen to convey our passion for “assembling” all the often-complex elements of the project realization process and our commitment to placing our work firmly on the leading “edge” of contemporary discourse. The + signifies our approach of constantly searching for better, more efficient, more innovative ways to construct modern living and working environments and our refusal to accept traditional limitations as to what can be achieved within typical constraints. At Assembledge+ we are steadfastly committed to transforming ideas into reality.