“Gardens never end and buildings never begin” is how Alden B. Dow F.A.I.A (1904-1983) described his own individual organic design philosophy. His own Home and Studio located in Midland, Michigan, exemplifies how this incredible architect masterfully weaves structure and nature together for the ultimate living environment. Designated a National Historic Landmark in 1989, the Home and Studio continues to engage the imagination and elicits emotional responses in all who experience this powerful statement of Mid-Twentieth Century Modern architecture. Planted into an encompassing pond, the Home and Studio is alive with reflective light, soaring roof lines, diverging angles, brilliant color and the perfect balance of enticement and tranquility. It truly is an “oasis of architecture and inspiration.” Schedule your visit for architectural tours, educational programs, Michigan history and much more.

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Mid-Century Modern in Disguise
Midland features over 430 mid-twentieth century modern buildings that make the city an unparalleled architectural destination.
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