Albert Buchanan Skiles has practiced as a licensed architect in Arkansas since 1981, building a diverse body of designs that feature natural materials, relationship with the landscape and open plans. Graduating from the University of Texas School of Architecture with Honors, he moved to Arkansas in 1972. His craft is firmly rooted in an understanding of construction and vernacular precedent, while emphasizing the importance of strong relationships of architect, client and builder. By working "hands-on" at the site and building his own homes, he established a firm knowledge of construction and much experience with energy efficient and solar design. The fine art of craftsmanship is incorporated into every building he designs and is visible in the details, be it a custom railing, custom front door or an art glass window, a detail that personalizes home. Albert is a member of the Historic Preservation Alliance of Arkansas and his work has been featured in a variety of publications, including Southern Living, Popular Science, Journal of the AIA, Landscape Architecture, Garden Design, Cityscapes and At Home in Arkansas. He has designed over 200 new buildings, restorations and renovations in Arkansas, Missouri and Texas with an emphasis in residential design.