Kitchen, Range Hood, Wood Cabinet, Colorful Cabinet, Recessed Lighting, Wood Counter, Metal Counter, Metal Backsplashe, and Cooktops "Also consider performance when purchasing an older house, as these properties use a ton of energy,” says Schaer. “Many midcentury homes are minimally insulated and can be costly and challenging to remedy. For example, if you want to add insulation to a roof, you have to add it above the roof because there is no cavity for insulation."  Photo 9 of 19 in 17 Kitchens That Go Bold With Pastels from Before & After: Two Game-Changing Kitchen Renovations by a Seattle Studio

17 Kitchens That Go Bold With Pastels

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After a strategic remodel by SHED Architecture & Design, this kitchen is now filled with natural light. The cabinets, created and installed by Kerf Design, feature multi-colored FSC-certified plywood cabinets, which give the kitchen a bright and cheery feel.