Kitchen, Colorful Cabinet, Wood Cabinet, Range, Wood Backsplashe, Recessed Lighting, Range Hood, Light Hardwood Floor, Wood Counter, and Drop In Sink Give your IKEA furniture a quick facelift with these DIY tips—guaranteed to transform your basic pieces into custom, eye-catching furniture in less than an hour, tops.  Photo 11 of 19 in 17 Kitchens That Go Bold With Pastels from This Tiny New England Cottage Is a No-Frills Weekend Hideaway

17 Kitchens That Go Bold With Pastels

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A colorful, light blue kitchen is offset with brushed aluminum recessed hardware at this 530-square-foot retreat designed for artist Allison Paschke.The kitchen, writing desk, and sleeping area are recessed into the walls—a key move that unclutters the interior.