Kicked Out of a Rental, This L.A. Couple Bought, and Then Built the Best ADU They Could

Niki and J.P. added a prefab backyard house to the hillside behind their Silver Lake home, becoming landlords themselves in the process.

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In 2013, Niki Weber and J.P. Guiseppi were unceremoniously booted from their Venice, California, apartment—which, to add insult to injury, they had done work to—with hardly a month’s notice. Suddenly, they were thrust into a frenzied search for a new home. Niki, the COO of non-profit Regarding Her, and J.P., a creative director at Google, armed their realtor with a fastidious brief that positioned ample land and access to nature at the top of the list. As luck would have it, they purchased the first place they viewed, a single-family home in Silver Lake.

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