8 Treetop Cabins Perched High Above the Earth

By Marissa Hermanson / Published by Dwell
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These lofty structures take cabin design to a whole new level.

A cabin cloistered in the woods is a great escape, but a dwelling that’s truly elevated amidst the trees makes for an exceptional experience. Treetop homes are becoming more common as architecture firms take on the challenge of extending contemporary design to the great outdoors. Here are a few of our favorite structures on stilts, ranging from a minimalist ski chalet in Québec City to a glass-and-steel A-frame in the forests of Eastern Norway.

Nordic A-frame Cabins

Drawing inspiration from fire towers and Nordic folklore, the PAN Treetop Cabins are two 431-square-feet lofted A-frames that sleep six people each. Elevated 26 feet in the air by steel poles and clad in black oxidized zinc and steel, the structures blend into the forested landscape of Eastern Norway.

Rasmus Norlander

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Denmark’s Tree Hotel

The ultimate escape for forest bathing, Denmark’s Løvtag is a tree house hotel that features three cabins that embrace Scandinavian minimalism. With tree trunks intersecting the interior, large windows, and a rooftop deck, these treehouses promise to make you feel at one with nature. 

Soeren Larsen

Baumraum Prefabs

Starting at $6,000, you can get one of Baumraum’s unique prefab cabins, which come in an array of shapes, sizes, and materials. The above cabin, dubbed Auswahl Bachstelze, is a geometric structure clad in oxidized steel. The custom-designed cabins are prefabricated off-site to prevent damage as they are erected in their new natural landscapes.

Alasdair Jardine

A Lofty Prefab in the Swiss Countryside

Another one of Baumraum’s prefabs has found its way to Switzerland’s beautiful, lush countryside. Baumhaus Halden is a steel-frame structure held aloft by four wooden support beams. Prefabricated in Germany and then transported to its locale and assembled in just a few days, the 236-square-foot cabin has expansive decking and a beautiful, wood-clad interior.

Laura Fiorio

The Inhabit Treehouse

This rentable cabin is located on a wooded 14-acre property a stone’s throw from Woodstock and a two-hour drive from the Big Apple. Built from wood locally sourced in the Catskills, the sprawling 743-square-foot treehouse has a unique geometric form with big windows, skylights, and decking that creates a seamless transition to the great outdoors.

Martin Dimitrov

Sweden’s Tree Hotel

The 7th Room is a remarkable accommodation at Sweden’s Tree Hotel that blends into its natural surroundings with a stark black facade. Snøhetta designed the structure, which features an expansive, black-and-white mural of the tree canopy stretched across its base. You can sleep in the beautiful cabin—or if you are brave, under the stars in a giant lofted hammock slung between the two bedrooms.

Johan Jansson

A Steel Stilt Cabin

This three-story, 1,000-square-foot cabin in Washington State draws inspiration from fire towers and tree houses. Tom Kundig’s Delta Shelter is a fire-resistant fortress with an armored steel exterior and shutters that can be manually closed using a pulley-and-gear system. The eco-friendly structure was premade off-site and then assembled on the property for minimal impact on its surrounding natural habitat.

A Minimalist Chalet

French design studio DELORDINAIRE elevated this minimalist ski chalet for sweeping views of the nearby Mont-Sainte-Anne ski resort. The stilted structure in Québec City is clad in concrete panels and topped with a corrugated steel roof, giving it a sleek aesthetic that echos its crisp, white surroundings.

Olivier Blouin

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