Living Room, Rug Floor, Chair, Sectional, End Tables, Wall Lighting, and Ceiling Lighting Here you can see the triangle motif from the exterior moved inside into the living room style space. Though many of the triangles are in fact windows punched into the envelope of the building, many others are actually lights. There's plenty of natural daylight from the massive glazed window on to the terrace, though.  Photo 7 of 8 in These 8 Unusual Windows Will Take You by Surprise from Maggie's Center by Zaha Hadid

These 8 Unusual Windows Will Take You by Surprise

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At one of the late Zaha Hadid's earliest projects, triangular shapes create both windows and skylights (and in some locations, light fixtures as well). The highly designed, contemporary space treats the windows almost like artwork, spacing them thoughtfully across the walls so that they create curated moments of connection to the outdoors. The triangular shape is very unusual, but the distinct design is typical of Zaha's architecture.