Exterior, House Building Type, Brick Siding Material, and Flat RoofLine “There’s a threshold of planting between the outside and inside,” says architect Laura Briggs, citing the blooming boxes on the sidewalk, the rear deck, and the master-suite terrace (above the bay window).  Photo 6 of 8 in These 8 Unusual Windows Will Take You by Surprise from Harlem Renaissance

These 8 Unusual Windows Will Take You by Surprise

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As part of a major renovation of a turn-of-the-century brick row house in New York City's Harlem neighborhood, architect Laura Briggs made a bold change to the formerly historical facade by adding a projecting, multi-floor oriel window to the front elevation. The original brick facade had partially collapsed after fatefully getting struck by lightning, and the new window's industrial materials (like metal siding) give it a distinctly modern edge that's unlike anything else seen on the block.