Outdoor, Small Pools, Tubs, Shower, Grass, and Concrete Pools, Tubs, Shower An outdoor bathroom and shed were demolished for a full-width rear extension. Pivoting doors contrast with a blanket of brick comprising the house, its garden walls, and all the neighboring houses. A two-story addition is camouflaged in reclaimed brick. “We had to develop a series of floor plates at the rear of the building that aligned with adjoining properties,” says architect David Tigg, as an example of the rigors of working in a conservation area.  Photo 11 of 11 in 10 Modern Homes in London from A London Town House Renovation Beaming with Personality

10 Modern Homes in London

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This West London townhouse expansion and modernization project by Tigg Coll Architects has a rear extension with pivoting glass doors, sharp red support beams, and a wood-burning fireplace flanked by a cantilevered concrete plinth.