Midcentury-Style Butterfly Roofs Top Off These Luxe Prefab Homes

Stillwater Dwellings creates soaring, estate-worthy residences that start at $500 per square foot.

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Welcome to Prefab Profiles, an ongoing series of interviews with people transforming how we build houses. From prefab tiny houses and modular cabin kits to entire homes ready to ship, their projects represent some of the best ideas in the industry. Do you know a prefab brand that should be on our radar? Get in touch!

Given that prefab construction can move at a pretty quick pace, attention to detail becomes all the more critical as a project progresses. Prefab builder Stillwater Dwellings says that its commitment to keeping things on track is what has kept it steadily moving along for more than a decade. Pacing is important, but its team of LEED-certified architects and a well-rounded staff also emphasize a seamless customer experience in delivering residences that "blend an updated midcentury aesthetic with the precision of a modern, systems-built home," explains the company’s marketing director, Matt Cull. Here’s what he says sets Stillwater apart from the rest.

Stillwater homes are built by LEED-certified architects, and the company says it is committed to sustainable practices.

Photo by Stillwater Dwellings

What’s the most exciting project you’ve designed to date?

Each project Stillwater has the pleasure of partaking in is special, since every project possesses its own unique attributes and design requirements, tailored to reflect the distinct vision of our clients. Whether the home is situated on a hillside in Napa County or nestled in a suburban enclave, we ensure each client feels valued as we attentively address their specific needs with our talented design team.

This personalized approach extends to every aspect of our design process, from initial concept to final execution, ensuring that every Stillwater home is not only architecturally stunning but also a true reflection of the individual desires and lifestyle of its occupants. Our commitment to client satisfaction is unwavering, as we believe that every home we create should not only meet but exceed the expectations of those who will call it their own.

The base cost of a Stillwater prefab ranges from $500 to $750 a square foot.

Photo by Stillwater Dwellings

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What does your base model cost and what does that pricing include?

At Stillwater Dwellings, we take a detailed and comprehensive approach to project pricing. Our focus is on providing clients with an all-encompassing total project cost, rather than offering limited or fragmentary estimates. The cost to build a Stillwater home varies significantly depending on factors such as geographic location, site conditions, and client-specific requirements.

For our Signature Series designs, the base cost typically ranges between $500 to $750 per square foot. However, the final cost is influenced by several factors: the specific design selected, the finishes chosen, the level of customization needed, and the prevailing cost of building materials at the time of construction.

Our pricing structure is also inclusive, covering various aspects of the home building process. This includes professional guidance through the site permitting process, architectural modifications tailored to your preferences, detailed structure and mechanical engineering, the prefabrication of your home, and its delivery to your site. By integrating all these elements into our pricing, we ensure that our clients have a clear and transparent understanding of the overall project costs from the outset.

Stillwater homes emphasize indoor/outdoor living with walls of windows.

Photo by Stillwater Dwellings

What qualities make your prefab stand apart from the rest? 

Available in both one and two stories, all homes feature our signature soaring butterfly roofline, solid steel canopy entry, and a glass wall of windows and doors. This series was designed to encourage indoor/outdoor living while preserving the environment (and lowering operating costs) through the use of sustainable materials and building processes.

Furthermore, Stillwater Dwellings is one of the only prefabricated home companies that maintains our own staff of full-time architects. This allows us to select only the most skilled architects for our high-end home designs. Our LEED-certified architects are dedicated to home design that is sustainable, sound, and energy-smart for years to come.

Stillwater has a full-time staff of architects, making it possible to tailor their prefabs in various ways.

Photo by Stillwater Dwellings

The process includes everything from permitting the build to finishing design touches. The entire project can be completed in less than two years, depending on its scale.

Photo by Stillwater Dwellings

Where is the prefab currently available?

Stillwater homes can be built and shipped anywhere in the U.S.

Is your design currently pre-permitted in any U.S. municipalities?

Each one of our projects are designed and engineered to meet or exceed local building code requirements, and as a result we are able to permit and ship our homes throughout the United States.

Stillwater homes can be built and shipped throughout the United States, and at the moment, the company primarily operates on the West Coast.

Photo by Stillwater Dwellings

Stillwater’s homes start at 1,000 square feet and every home comes with a striking butterfly roof and wall of windows.

Photo by Stillwater Dwellings

Are there plans to expand to different parts of the country and the world?

Although Stillwater can ship and build nationwide, we operate primarily on the West Coast.

How long can a client expect the process to take after they put down a deposit?

Depending on the municipality, projects can take between 18 and 24 months to complete, from deposit to move-in date.

Stillwater works with local building departments to bring a project to completion.

Photo by Stillwater Dwellings

What aspects of an install do you manage?

The process kicks off with the finalization of design, engineering, and permitting. Stillwater’s experienced architects develop detailed floor plans and manage the production of engineering, permit drawings, and the fabrication of major building components.

Simultaneously, project representatives collaborate with local building departments and agencies, handling the application for necessary permits. These steps are crucial, as they lay the groundwork for the construction phase. The building contractor, utilizing the final engineering drawings, will refine the on-site cost estimates, ensuring a clear and accurate financial picture.The collaboration extends to the chosen contractor, with the Stillwater team working closely to finalize all related costs. The contractor then schedules and commences site work, including foundation laying, driveway construction, and utility connections.

As these on-site preparations progress, all prefabricated components of your home are shipped to your site. The contractor, guided by Stillwater’s precise plans, undertakes the installation of these components, bringing your custom-designed home to life. This comprehensive approach ensures that every aspect of your home is thoughtfully considered and expertly executed, from initial design to final construction.

The company’s plans can be tailored to clients’ tastes.

Photo by Stillwater Dwellings

What aspects of the design can a client customize?

Stillwater Dwellings Signature Series presents a vast collection of professionally designed home plans, accompanied by a choice of three distinct finish packages.

Every design in this series is adaptable by Stillwater’s skilled architects, and can be tailored to meet individual tastes or specific site requirements. The available plans vary extensively in size, starting from under 1,000 square feet and extending to over 4,000 square feet or more. This flexibility ensures that clients can find a home that not only matches their aesthetic preferences, but also fits their spatial needs.

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