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Gather Around These 7 Modern Fire Pit Designs

Just in time for summer, here are seven modern wood-burning fire pits to inspire your next backyard get-together.

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Maximize your time spent outdoors with a fire pit, the perfect patio accessory to help you wind down with family or celebrate the warm weather with friends.

Blaze Fire Tower

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"More than a fire pit." So goes the motto of the Blaze Fire Tower, from the Kansas-based Bad Idea Supply Company. Precision cut from heavy duty American steel, the tower combines the capabilities of a charcoal grill, wood-fired smoker, and outdoor fireplace all in one eye-catching construction.

Skargaarden Boo Fire Basket

The Boo Fire Basket from Skargaarden is made of black lacquered steel. Designed to fit several logs for an outdoor fire, the Boo can also be overturned to hold a candle or lantern.

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Less is more when it comes to the Boo Fire Basket from Skargaarden. Although they draw on a variety of traditions—from American Shaker to Scandinavian to Bauhaus—the result is streamlined outdoor furniture designs that can withstand the elements. The Fire Basket is constructed of black-lacquered steel; its airy, hourglass body lets the fire breathe, and gets you comfortably close to the flames.

Plodes Geometric Fire Pit

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Hand-crafted of cold-rolled carbon steel, the Geometric Fire Pit hails from from the Texas-based Plodes Studio and is available via Design Within Reach. An optional steel grate makes grilling possible, and a separate cedar top turns it into a compelling accent table.

Manta Ray Fire Pit

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As its name implies, the Manta Ray Fire Pit was inspired by the undulating fins of the giant sea creature. Designed and manufactured by functional steel artisan Rick Wittrig of Fire Pit Art, every piece is signed and numbered by the artist upon completion.

Stahl Firepit

The large Stahl firepit made of raw A36 quarter inch hot rolled steel

Photo: Stahl Firepit

The Stahl Fire Pit was made to look better with age. The Portland-based company uses non powder-coated A36 hot rolled steel to encourage a natural patina over time. The sharp silhouette is easy to assemble and also comes in a convenient camper size (made of aluminum).

Skagerak Helios Fire Bowl

The Helios Fire Bowl Set from Skagerak is a portable outdoor fireplace that is ideal for a back patio. It can be used as a fire pit, or with the Helios Steel Grille and some charcoal to create an outdoor grill for hotdogs, vegetables, or shish kebabs.

Photo: Skagerak

Whether you want to grill up dinner or just sit back and appreciate the flames, the sleek and simple Helios Fire Bowl from Skagerak, a family-owned company in Denmark, has you covered. It's designed for optimal air flow to circulate around firewood or charcoal, while discreet handles make it portable.

Zero Fire Pit

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"Fire: everything springs from it." In that spirit, Italian design house AK47 brings us the Zero Fire Pit. Crafted in Italy from oxidized steel, it combines handy wood storage with attractive display. Its other components include a stainless-steel grill and fitted disc, or "suffocation lid," for when the party winds down.


Skargaarden Boo Fire Basket With Metal Plate

Inspired by the brilliance and brevity of Swedish summers, Skargaarden produces furniture and accessories that help you make the most out of a moment. The Boo Fire Basket, designed by Martin Kallin, is a sculptural form produced with steel or black lacquered steel. It holds several logs for a lively outdoor bonfire, and can also be overturned to hold a large candle or lantern. A metal plate is available to catch ashes and prevent scorching of wood decks.


Skagerak Cast-Iron Fire Bowl

Made with an efficient conical shape, the Cast-Iron Fire Bowl (1995) collects ash below and elevates the flames off the ground to better dissipate heat. The cone grate in the upper bowl creates an air pocket from which the fire draws, while also creating a more efficient burn by focusing the fire into the center. The simple, efficient design has two built-in handles for portability. Not recommended for use on wood surfaces. Made in Poland.



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