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January 29, 2013
You've heard of yarn bombing (as evidence of its mainstream status, yarn bombing has even shown up in a Roche Bobois ad), but have you seen Lego bombing?
lego bombing
Chinking? Mosaic? No, it's Lego bombing.
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Lego bombing
Lego street art spotted in Warsaw, Poland. Via Street Art Utopia.
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lego bombing
An uneven stone wall is a fitting spot for Lego bombing.
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lego bombing corner wall
A crumbling corner is the perfect surface for a bit of Lego fortification. Via Karmadecay.
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lego bombing
Can you spot the Dispatchwork? It's subtle.
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lego bombing corner wall
Surely Le Corbusier would approve of this colorful case of Lego bombing. Via Lazy Haze.
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lego bombing wall walkway
Spied on the Archiculture blog: a centuries-old cobbled wall appears to enjoy a little extra support by way of Lego. (Notice the toys filling various nooks and crannies, too.)
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lego bombing wall
Just another afternoon of local residents going about their business. Via Lazy Haze.
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lego bombing
Chinking? Mosaic? No, it's Lego bombing.

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