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December 13, 2008

It has been around for a while, the concept of transferring images from a digital photo file to the surface of an everyday product. Perhaps the first such items we saw were the amusement park and drugstore T-shirts and baseball caps with photos of boyfriends or girlfriends silk-screened front and center (courtesy of Kodak).

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With Nichetto and Gardone's Blackstone tables, however, we've clearly come a long way.

Massimo Gardone is the photographer and Luca Nichetto the designer. Expanding on the concept of his Around the Roses collection for Soho's Moroso, Nichetto chose some of his favorite flower photographs by Gardone and applied the images to rectangular and square tables. The pieces are porcelain and are bonded with glass, and have legs of stainless steel (for outdoors) and powder-coated steel (for indoors). Choose from eleven different flower patterns for the square tables; two for the rectangular tables.

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