Kitchen, Dishwasher, Undermount, Wall Oven, Cooktops, Light Hardwood, Subway Tile, Ceramic Tile, Microwave, Accent, Wall, Engineered Quartz, and Wood In the kitchen, White Oak floors, inset walnut cabinets, Fireclay subway tile, and Caesartone countertops read more classic vibes, while the furnishings—such as the Reno Table from Structube, Channel Chairs by Industry West, and ADAM Stools by Frama Denmark—are modern counterpoints. Appliances include a Thermador 36" Freedom Induction Cooktop and an inconspicuous Thermador 36" Downdraft Ventilation, as well as a Miele Dishwasher, convection oven, and speed oven.

  Best Kitchen Dishwasher Light Hardwood Ceramic Tile Wall Engineered Quartz Wall Oven Photos from A New Jersey Neighborhood Gets a Gorgeous Passive House