Interior of Barcelona apartment by YLAB Arquitectos

These 10 Tiny Homes Make a Huge Case for the Small Space

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Dark, disconnected from the outside world, and heavily partitioned, this once-dingy apartment is now unrecognizable thanks to great design. Located in a charming old building amid narrow, leaf-strewn streets in Barcelona’s Gracia district, the apartment has been transformed by YLAB Arquitectos into a free-flowing, contemporary, and tastefully eclectic holiday home. The courtyard—undoubtedly the property’s best feature—floods the interior with natural light, and the owners sought to capitalize on this valuable aspect in the home’s refurbishment. The heart of the design involved reviving the previously static inner courtyard and transforming it into a semiexterior garden. Dotted with a selection of custom planters, it imparts vibrant greenery to the space and connects the dwelling with nature and the outside.