Piso Pereiv44 kitchen

These 10 Tiny Homes Make a Huge Case for the Small Space

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This 645-square-foot apartment by Miel Arquitectos, known as Piso Pereiv44, was designed for short stays. The two bedrooms in all white breathe a strong sense of calm and boast innovative designs. Repurposing old materials and removing part of the existing brick have afforded a clever configuration that allows a built-in wardrobe and desk space in each room. To further maximize the use of space, all piping and wiring are enclosed in a platform timber floor, which also give the interior an interesting elevated aspect. A prominent feature of the apartment’s design is the large mirrored wall that sits opposite the kitchen. The wall pulls double duty: presenting doorways that lead to the bathroom while reflecting light from the window into the main living space and kitchen.