Blofeld’s Volcano lair

7 Supervillain Lairs Set in Deviously Well-Designed Homes

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Arguably the most wildly original setting in the glorious pantheon of celluloid villains’ lairs, Blofeld’s jaw-dropping hideout deep in the hollowed-out core of an extinct Japanese volcano was instantly iconic. Its allure is such that it later became a loving target of Mike Myers’ 1997 spy film parody, Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery, as well as the model for Syndrome’s lair in 2004’s The Incredibles. Possibly the crowning achievement of legendary Bond production designer Ken Adam, Blofeld’s volcano refuge is completely undetectable thanks to a hydraulic retractable roof made to look like the surface of a lake in the volcano’s crater.   From this camouflaged setting, which just happens to double as a subterranean rocket launching pad, Blofeld plots his brand of global chaos. A 148-foot-tall hangar-like open space with floating staircases, helipads, and its own shiny steel monorail system (not to mention an army of henchmen in color-coded jumpsuits), Blofeld’s Japanese base of operations could only belong to a true sociopath. Why? Because it also features a large, kidney-shaped indoor pond full of razor-toothed piranhas used to mete out punishment to his minions who have come up short.