Bath Room and Freestanding Tub In the adjoining master bathroom, the soaking tub becomes a stunning focal point against the vibrant living backdrop.  Photo 3 of 10 in Dwell’s Top 10 Bathrooms of 2017 from An Incredible Brazilian Home That Celebrates Art, Travel, and Nature

Dwell’s Top 10 Bathrooms of 2017

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With a goal of blurring the lines between indoors and outdoors, Brazilian office mf+arquitetos was recruited to design a personal residence that would be architecturally simple and timeless, as well as integrated with nature. Adorned with a personal collection of art, photography, and sculpture, the single-level dwelling, dubbed the "Collector’s Nook," was designed to be a reflection of the client’s affinity for traveling, exploring, and learning. The 1,399-square-foot home is now a gathering place for these ideas and a platform for eternalizing memories through art and design that tell a story.