Kitchen, Light Hardwood Floor, Pendant Lighting, Wood Cabinet, Cooktops, Metal Counter, Range Hood, and Drop In Sink Choosing a kitchen or bathroom countertop can be nerve-wracking, and we understand why—they can be one of the most expensive aspects of a renovation, with the added responsibility of impacting the aesthetics of a space. Read on as we work our way through the pros and cons of seven of the most common countertop materials.   Photo 2 of 8 in Converted Loft Fit for a Modern Family in Copenhagen

Converted Loft Fit for a Modern Family in Copenhagen

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One of the most dramatic black and white kitchens on our list, this utilitarian kitchen was designed by the owner, a chief designer at Vipp. For this look, the company’s trademark materials—stainless steel, painted metal, and rubber—were heavily used. The gas stovetop is by ABK and the refrigerator is by Smeg. White Le Perroquet spotlights from iGuzzini pairs with a light-colored floor to add visual interest and lighten this otherwise dark kitchen.