Kids Room, Bedroom Room Type, Bookcase, Medium Hardwood Floor, Rug Floor, Pre-Teen Age, and Neutral Gender Wylie’s bedroom features a rug from the Land of Nod and a sign from a local shop. “I put the shelves up myself on my seventh attempt,” Lena says. “If I move them, I guarantee you’ll see nineteen holes.”  Photo 4 of 7 in 7 Surprising Shelving Ideas For the Creative Organizer

7 Surprising Shelving Ideas For the Creative Organizer4 of 7

In an easy-going home in Los Angeles, a set of differently shaped wood shelves float on the walls, defying gravity and keeping the floor clean and open. The rustic wood means that they pop off the all-white walls with white window shades, and their distinct proportions give them an artful appearance.