Shelves Storage Type, Office, Chair, Bookcase, Storage, Desk, Shelves, and Concrete Floor Bishop is an avid record collector—Rolling Stones albums are a sought-after favorite—and he keeps his vinyl in the shelving unit ”1.1,” a reproduction of Arbel’s first completed work. The kids can often be found playing video games at the desk in the great room.  Photo 5 of 7 in 7 Surprising Shelving Ideas For the Creative Organizer from Modern Workspaces and Study Nooks

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This multifunctional shelving unit designed by Omer Arbel works well for an avid record collector, who uses the unit's many shelves to host a variety of objects, ranging from plants to speakers and vinyls. The desk component follows the same geometric logic as the rest of the piece, and the regular angles of the unit are in contrast to the home's unusual angular shape.