Grind (Chicago, United States)

This Chicago workspace shed the drop ceilings and depressing decorations of its former life as a title insurance company to blossom into a coworking hotspot. Benjamin Dyett, co-founder of Grind, which also runs similar spaces in New York, says his team wanted to create a “frictionless workspace” and built an array of desks and conference rooms to accommodate different work styles, all buffered by a sound attenuation system that improves focus. A 22-foot-high ceiling, massive windows and an internal mezzanine provide an airy, open environment, while custom light fixtures from Brooklyn’s MESH Architecture and a chandelier/art installation by RND, made of old phone receivers and staplers recovered from the office’s previous incarnation, provide visual inspiration when minds wander.  Photo 2 of 13 in 13 Inspiring Coworking Spaces