This Elegant Router Inspired by Eero Saarinen Will Declutter Your Desk

By Allison McCarthy / Published by Dwell

Elevating the world of wi-fi, in both function and appearance.

Style has never been paramount in the connectivity sphere. Just glimpse the shelves of clunky, unreliable routers that haven’t changed in 10-plus years. "They have been black boxes for so long, but now wi-fi is becoming a core utility—like power and water," says Nick Weaver, the CEO of eero, a product company that seeks to upend the home networking market. 

eero combines a router and range extender in a single compact package.

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eero offers a design-centric wi-fi solution, its hardware—in the form of a sleek, gently sloping square, with internal antennae, a soft-touch bottom, matte sides, and a lustrous, light-reflecting top—was inspired by iconic architect Eero Saarinen. "We work with a lot of visionary innovations to try to reflect the elegance and spirit of technology in the industrial design," says designer Fred Bould, who has worked with Nest Labs, GoPro, and Roku. Unlike other routers, the eero system uses complex proprietary software, allows for simultaneous streaming on multiple devices and use of multiple radio frequencies and channels, and includes a user-friendly app that makes setup easy. 

The device blankets the home in wi-fi using complex proprietary software. One per 1,000 square feet is recommended ($199 each or three for $499).

Industrial designer Fred Bould pored over every detail so the product would coalesce with modern interiors.

"The challenge is condensing technology into a compact package. If it gives consumers pause to meditate on the form every now and then, that’s good too."—Fred Bould, designer


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