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Friday Finds 9.25.09

Looking for some online inspiration? Take a look-see at our Friday special—favorite links of the week, delivered to you by various members of the Dwell staff. Happy weekend, everyone.

jenny grigg peter carey tax collector

Kathryn: Illustrator Jenny Grigg

Remember when you had spare time to play with paper and scissors and glue? My guess is that none of your school art projects ever approached the level of elegance found in Jenny Grigg's exquisite illustrations for this series of Peter Carey titles. Origami Typography. Seriously. Stunning. If only all publishers could allow this level of creativity. What a happy world we would read in! Type-heads: be sure to stop by her site to see more of her portfolio.

via swissmiss

Ashley: Artist Round-Up

i scream ice cream artwork

Tuesday marked the first day of Fall, and with it came some chilly evenings. As the cooler temps descend upon us, I’m still finding myself longing for more summer days spent lounging in the park. Perhaps that’s why this graphic “I Scream” print (right) by Crispin Finn struck my fancy this week. The hand-pulled screenprint can be purchased directly from the Crispin Finn site or on Supermarket. Also screaming “fun in the sun” is Grant Hamilton’s Polaroid work (below).

polaroid artwork grant hamilton
Hamilton captures colorful, graphic bits and pieces and then enlarges the entire Polaroid to 20 × 24 inches. Prints can be purchased on Supermarket. My next find of the week comes all the way from NYC. Now you can have a little piece of the city, right in your own home. That’s because Justin Gignac (@NYCgarbage on Twitter) has been collecting garbage from the streets and immortalizing it in acrylic display cubes
garbage nycgarbage artwork
. Each sealed (smell-proof) box comes signed, numbered and dated with the date the trash was collected. Justin and his wife Christine are also the brilliant minds behind Wants For Sale and Needs for Sale. “Wants” is a series of paintings of things they want, each priced for what it costs to buy the desired item. For instance, 100 wings from Pluck-U go for $62.95, the price of the painting entitled “Way More Wings”. In contrast, “Needs” features paintings representing needs to be filled for a variety of charities such as Habitat for Humanity and Locks of Love.


Miyoko: Storage Barn

storage barn miyoko friday

Though this workshop-storage barn in Connecticut was posted earlier this month, it caught my eye last week and I've been clicking back to it ever since. Designed by Gray Organschi Architecture for a landscape maintenance company headquartered on a property that was formerly the site of an old gravel quarry. Now listed as a sensitive watershed, the 800-square-foot workspace is enveloped in shelves that hold stone, wood, and other essential materials. I love it because it reminds me of the beauty of a well-stocked, well-organized kitchen pantry--just at a larger scale and with a more stunning background of greenery.

via Jetson Green

Aaron: Unit Editions

unit editions studio space

Though I'm perfectly happy with my little Knoll cubicle, my lovely window and my view of the Transamerica Pyramid, I do occasionally suffer from office envy. And of all the sites I've seen lately, this one has made me most covet another man's working space. This little stroll through the offices of some of the world's leading graphic designers comes from the small English publishing house Unit Editions. Devoted to publishing books about graphic design for graphic designers, United Editions has recently put out a book called Studio Culture devoted to chronicling where graphic designers actually work. Lovely stuff, and their submit your own studio page is enough to make you start applying for jobs in any of these tasty spaces immediately.

Jordan: DIY Lavender Sachets

lavender sachet designsponge

I'm always on the lookout for fun little DIY projects, and was excited to see this handy how-to on Design*Sponge. Lavender is one of my favorite scents and I've been searching for sachets lately, so bingo! Definitely going to give this a try for myself, and it also seems like it would be a great holiday giftie for friends and fam (it's not too early to start thinking about the holidays, right?).... is your online home in the modern world. Join us as we follow our team around the globe on Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest. Want more? Never miss another word of Dwell with our free iTunes app.


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